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Welcome to Kindergarten!

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We are thrilled to be your child’s kindergarten teachers. We are looking forward to a productive year full of learning and excitement. There is so much to learn this year and we can not wait to jump right in!



Virtual Classroom Rules:


Pin on School Stuff-Beginning of the Year



Learning Resources:


Setting Up a Learning Environment at Home:

* Find a quiet place with no distactions

* Make sure there is a chair or desk to work 

* Have MELT binder and learning bag 




August Birthdays:


No birthdays this month













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Our Classroom Rules 


1. Listen to your teachers.

2. Follow directions quickly.

3.Raise your hand before you speak and leave your seat.

4.Respect others, Respect yourself and the school.

5.Be safe! Be honest!



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            *Over the ear headphones are for your child to use on the computer & ipads

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First Day of School!



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Happy August Birthdays!

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Important Reminders for when we come back to school


  • Please check your child's  binder every night. You will need to initial the behavior report daily in their agenda and sign the test update weekly.
  • Please write your child's name on all book bags, lunch boxes, and coats.
  • Please keep an extra set of clothing in your child's book bag. These will only be used in case of emergency (and please remember to switch them out according to season - we don't want to send anyone home in shorts in February)
  • We have PE on Tuesday and Wednesday please make sure your child is wearing tennis shoes.
  • If girls are wearing dresses/skirts, please wear shorts under it. 
  • PLEASE SEND UPDATED INFORMATION IF ANY CONTACT INFORMATION CHANGES!  If there is ever an emergency, we will need to be able to contact you.

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